Osa Rural Tours

Osa Rural Tours

in Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica


Osa Rural Tours, established in 2014 in Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula, offers unique, community-run adventures highlighting local culture and natural beauty.

Experiences & Activities:

Experience dolphin watching, mangrove explorations, cooking classes, and artisanal tours. Engage in trekking, canoeing, birdwatching, and wildlife viewing for an immersive nature experience.

Adventure Styles:

Osa Rural Tours offers diverse experiences to cater to various preferences. Whether you're seeking a rugged adventure off the beaten path, longing to deeply connect with nature, or eager for an active adventure that combines physical activity with cultural immersion, these tours provide unique opportunities to explore Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula authentically.

Why Choose Osa Rural Tours:

A locally owned cooperative, Osa Rural Tours emphasizes sustainable tourism, environmental stewardship, and authentic cultural experiences.


Osa Rural Tours represents the essence of Costa Rica, offering a blend of adventure, nature, and cultural exploration in one of the world's most biodiverse regions.

Right for You?


Roughing it, Off the Beaten Path, Connect with Nature, Active Adventure and Cultural Immersion


$47-78 /person
Approximate price for 1/2 day and full day tours.


Rural Communities and Rainforest

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Locally Owned Cooperative
Osa Rural Tours
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Why Lokal Recommends Osa Rural Tours


Cooperative started in 2014| Locally Owned with 100% local staff

A Unique Story

The Osa Rural Tours cooperative (COOPETURIC) was formed in 2014 as a joint initiative between the Corcovado Foundation and Neotropica Foundation. Local families were educated and capacitated to develop low impact tourism projects on their property and now offer a wide range of activities for travelers to experience. As part of their mission to help protect the region the cooperative is also in the process of generating clean, renewable energy with their own water sources through hydraulic pumps.

Deep Community Connections

5% of all revenue made from tourism goes back to the cooperative to improve infrastructure and the needs of each community.

Active Environmental Stewardship

Generating clean energy through hydraulic pumps is a part of Osa Rural Tour's mission.


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