Playa Viva

Playa Viva

in Juluchuca, Mexico

Experience Playa Viva, the eco-luxury resort where your vacation meets your values.

This unique resort offers a guilt-free luxury experience with sliding walls that open up to a 180 degree view of private and pristine oceanfront and an expansive 200 acre property to explore. Start each day with optional yoga classes and a delicious, healthy Mexican breakfast. Hike the trails, relax or surf at the beach, release baby turtles at the sanctuary, and visit a local farm.

In the evenings, join the other guests for communal meals or a drink at the bar - a great way to make friends and share stories of your day. With Playa Viva, you can relax and experience the bounty of the local ecosystem while helping it to thrive.

Book your eco-luxury vacation at Playa Viva with Lokal Travel and have the assurance of our team making sure that your stay is perfect. Book with Lokal Travel for your stay at Playa Viva and have the assurance that you'll have a sustainable and guilt-free vacation that meets your values.

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Comfortable Stay, Off the Beaten Path, Time to Relax, Luxury Accommodation and Family Friendly


$265-800 /night
Approximate price. Rates vary by room choice and time of year.


Beach, Quiet Area and Small Towns/Villages

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Playa Viva
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Why Lokal Recommends Playa Viva


Social Enterprise started in 2007|

A Unique Story

In 2005, Sandra Kahn and David Leventhal, the founders of Playa Viva, were introduced to the land that would later become Playa Viva. After investing in the property, they began to look at several options for development that would align with their values. Sandra connected with Bill Reed from Regenesis Group who spoke about moving beyond sustainability and moving towards regeneration (making the place better).

By using the Regenerative Development model, they created a set of core principles that they now use in all design and operation decisions. Today, they feel lucky to have the greatest team of people helping them run the resort - folks from the local communities of Juluchuca, Rancho Nuevo and smaller villages up the watershed. They are proud that most all employees are local and they are a woman-run organization.

Deep Community Connections

Playa Viva is commited in helping theeir local community specifically in 3 categories: education, health, and economic development. Playa Viva supports projects like Pack for a Purpose, English Tutoring, Beach Clean Up, Sal Viva, and Organic Agriculture. These projects are a great opportunity for guests to participate in actively helping the local community.

Active Environmental Stewardship

Playa Viva operates on a regenerative development model, which means that instead of minimizing impact to the local environment (sustainability), they focus on making the environment better that it initially was. Permaculture is one of the methods they use in their mission to be a regenerative resort. Permaculture is a way of life that supports itself, the way natural ecosystems do. It relies on sustainable agriculture, and living each day without relying on the industrial systems of production and distribution. Their techniques aspire to build an increasingly self-sufficient human settlement. Playa Viva also ensures that they take smart water conservation measures that minimizes water consumption, in addition to replenishing the local aquifer with even cleaner water. They have a well on site that provides all water, except drinking water. Water used in the kitchen to prepare food is UV-filtered.  All grey water from sinks and showers flows to irrigate nearby gardens and all black water from toilets is processed with mini-living systems. Lastly, Playa Viva runs on a 100% off-grid solar system. LEDs or CFLs are used for all lighting in the lodge and is generally limited to amber colors to limit the effect the light has on nesting turtles.




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