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From conservation reef dives to multi-day island hopping tours, Secret Paradise experiences combine adventure with cultural and sustainable travel. The basis of all their tours has always been to allow guests to learn about the Maldives, its culture, beliefs, and traditions through the eyes of a local. You'll experience daily life by travelling by public ferry, staying on a locally inhabited island where the local community benefit directly, sharing breakfast with a family in their home, exchanging stories of daily life or relaxing with a coffee in a local café with their local host.

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Tour Operator started in 2012| Local/Foreign Owned with 90% local staff

A Unique Story

Secret Paradise was started by Ruth Franklin who first experienced the Maldives over 15 years ago. Her group of Maldivian friends invited her to their family homes for dinner, to share afternoon hedika and invite her for coffee and beetle nuts! Her love and appreciation of the country, its people, its culture and traditions was almost immediate and resulted in over 30 visits to the archipelago until she officially relocated in 2012.
Soon after she helped to start Secret Paradise with a mission to introduce the Real Maldives to guests and support local communities.

Community Connection

They only employ local guides and use locally-run businesses whenever possible on tours. They've also developed several tours in lesser-visited islands to ensure local communities benefit from tourism dollars spent in the Maldives.

Environmental Engagement

They run conservation awareness tours to the local island of Villimale where guests spend the afternoon with NGO group Save the Beach and gain an insight into the conservation challenges that face an island during development. Guests also witness these impacts first hand by snorkelling or diving with the local conservationists on their coral nursery maintenance trips. Through the guides, guests learn to be responsible snorkelers or divers using Project Aware and Green Fins guidelines


Secret Paradise offers day trips and tours throughout the country!
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