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Viare Travel

We provide tailormade experiences in Brazil for the discerning and conscious traveler. Our experiences are personalized, carefully curated, and provide positive impact to the communities travelers visit. We are different in that we're one of the few local Brazilian operators focused on catering to responsible travel experiences, we are 100% local, and provide incredible on the ground, bilingual support.

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Active Adventure, Connect with Nature, Family Friendly, Historical Sites, Luxury Accommodation and Off the Beaten Path


$1000-4000 /person
Price is completely flexible depending on the style and budget of your trip.


City/Urban, Rainforest, Rural Communities, Small Towns/Villages, Ocean, Lake, River, Wetlands, National Park and Mountains

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Locally Owned Social Enterprise
Viare Travel
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Speaks: English and Portuguese

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Social Enterprise started in 2016| Locally Owned

Deep Community Connections

We focus all of our booking efforts on local providers - locally owned accommodations, activity providers, even car rental companies. We also attempt to curate our activities to have clients visit and support traditional communities (indigenous, quilombola, ribeirinha, etc.), and encourage them to purchase souvenirs, crafts, and experiences with these communities.

Active Environmental Stewardship

We have signed a Wildlife friendly pledge with World Animal Protection, and work to provide activities that do not disrupt wildlife, and encourage activities with organizations that provide wildlife protection, especially in regions such as the Pantanal and Amazon. Up until early 2020, we also contributed a small percentage of all flights sold, to conservation projects in the Amazon. Since the pandemic, we have since stopped contributing, but plan on continuing once we get more consistent flight sales.

Exceptional Quality and Authenticity (Culture)

We encourage travel to and activities with traditional communities, promote activities that involve music, food and history in a responsible manner - with local guides versed in the topics, and who do not play in to certain negative or derogatory stereotypes. We encourage travelers to respect cultural differences, and send them material prior to their trips to clear up and teach them a bit about what to expect once in Brazil. Viare Travel hasalso recently published a book that plays on cultural and food traditions, and this book will be a "thank you for booking" gift for all travelers who purchase trips with us above a certain monetary threshold.


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