Cook pepian and tortillas the traditional way

San Miguel Escobar, Guatemala

Cook pepian and tortillas the traditional way

Do you want a one-of-a-kind, authentic Guatemalan experience that supports local communities, guided by local Guatemalans while getting off the beaten path?

Pepian, the national dish of Guatemala, is a mouth-watering chicken stew made with different types of native chilis, seeds, and vegetables - not to worry, it's not spicy. Including the hand-crafted tortillas, it takes 3-4 hours to make and is prepared the traditional way over a fire. You will go into the home of the "chef" (also known as a Guatemalan wife and mother) who doesn't use a recipe because after years of experience she knows how to make this dish by heart. You'll need to prepare the chicken too, and this isn't store bought chicken! Try your hand at making tortillas - keyword try - it's not an easy art!

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Small Towns/Villages and Rural Communities


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  • Make Pepian, the Guatemalan National Dish, over a fire!
  • Go into the home of the chef (a Guatemalan wife and mother).
  • Prepare the chicken, too---and this isn't store bought chicken!
  • Make Tortillas--- or try to make them because it's not easy.



Available at 9 am or 2 pm (need 1 day's notice to arrange with the chef), lasts approximately 3 hoursor


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All year


4 travelers minimum

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Local guide (not bilingual) and Bilingual guide (extra $)

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