Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

Epic Osa Rainforest Adventure

Join a small group of intrepid travelers and Lokal co-founders on a unique adventure to Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula – home to an astounding 2.5% of the world’s biodiversity! You'll connect with local residents from several rural communities who will welcome you into their homes, share their way of life, and provide a glimpse into a rugged, wild side of the country that few travelers ever get to experience. We'll also venture deep into the rainforest to explore pristine swimming holes, observe incredible wildlife in Corcovado National Park and relax on a beautiful beach or two. Better still, every place we go will be tied to local efforts to improve communities and protect the beautiful, fragile environment on the peninsula!

Right for You?


8 Days / 7 Nights

Travel Style

Active Adventure, Connect with Nature, Cultural Immersion, Off the Beaten Path and Time to Relax


English and Spanish
Lokal co-founders will facilitate and make intros, but you will interact with lots of locals who only speak Spanish.

Physical Activity

Moderate activity


Rainforest, Rural Communities and Beach


Wifi: Limited
Cell: Limited
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Speaks: English and Spanish


  • Explore the "worlds most biologically intense place" (according to Nat Geo)
  • Stay in 100% locally-run and unique lodging
  • Hike into Corcovado National Park and see amazing wildlife - scarlet macaws, monkeys, sloths, tapirs, and much more
  • Experience daily life alongside friendly locals
  • Canoe into a private rainforest lagoon
  • Swim in remote, pristine waterfall pools
  • Eat home cooked Tico style meals and try rare jungle fruits



Make it to Puerto Jimenez on Day 1 and we'll take care of everything from there!


Set Departure Date
April 4-11, 2020 (Group Trip), Custom Dates (Private Trip)


Maximum of 8 Travelers (get ready to make a few new friends!)

What's Included


7 Nights Community Lodge, Eco Lodge and Guesthouse


Bilingual guide and Local guide (not bilingual)


Private Room, Private Bathroom, Shared Bathroom and Shared Room


All meals included
Meals will be prepared by local residents at their homes or at a community owned ecolodge. We prefer this style because it gets you closer to the culture, but please be aware that simple, outdoor kitchens are the norm in rural Costa Rica and options may be limited.


Private car

Traveler Reviews

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A magical journey

Lokal delivers a truly special adventure in this amazing corner of Costa Rica. We experienced the beauty of this place over and over again each day — hiking in the rainforest, listening to howler monkeys, watching scarlet macaws fly overhead, swimming in waterfalls, snorkeling with schools of fish, watching the sunrise from a mountaintop. But the real magic was in experiencing every bit with our local hosts. We were welcomed into homes and businesses in a very genuine, connected way. We shared meals and stories. And we learned so much about what it takes to preserve this special place. Beauty is all around in the Osa — in its landscapes, wildlife and people.
January 2019

My experience in the Osa changed me

It is safe to say that I am not a "nature person." I am an Angeleno, a city girl, never really went on hikes, except occasionally on a park trail. Never really camped or roughed it except for two times in my life where I had my blow up mattress and feather pillow in tow. I wanted to experience something profound and push myself outside my comfort zone so I booked this trip with Lokal and I am so delighted that I did! Not only was every day filled with some incredible magical experience in paradise that left a mark on my soul providing me with everlasting memories, but this trip also changed the way I viewed tourism in general. What Lokal has curated is not just a beautiful trip, they are helping to forge the path for good. A social movement connecting travelers with meaningful cultural experiences. Where your money supports the community you visit. I am so grateful to Eytan and Lokal for providing me this opportunity to experience the profound beauty of the Osa and to change this harden city girl into a nature lover and a conscious traveler.
January 2019

Amazing trip!!!

This trip was everything I wanted it to be. A nice mix of adventure, community, and nice weather! The group was small (4 total) and we all got along great and became a little family by the end. I had a great time meeting so many people in the Oza community and getting to know them a little bit. Everyone was so friendly and always invited us into their homes for meals and to learn about their culture. Hiking in the jungle was challenging but definitely doable and very enjoyable - especially the swimming hole at the end! The other activities like zip-lining, snorkelling, and horseback riding were great and complemented the hiking and cultural tours. I learned a lot about the Oza and felt like I really got to experience it. I highly recommend this trip for anyone that wants something unique and a little bit different from what you can do on your own. Overall, this trip was great!!!
December 2018

A Must do Adventure!

This adventure is epic! It is very hard to put into words how amazing this trip is but if you are considering an out of the box adventure with hidden swimming holes, jungle hikes, horse back riding on a deserted beach, snorkeling and most importantly connection to locals and their stories then this is the trip for you! Eytan is a great facilitator and his established friendships with locals creates a space for deeper understanding and more meaningful engagement. The itinerary is truly unique and off the grid, it would be very hard to logistically plan this on your own. What can I say, it was amazing and I wish I was of swimming in one of those watering holes right now! Take me back:) I
January 2019

One week in the Osa is like a week nowhere else

Was celebrating a milestone birthday and wanted to be somewhere special. I had received an email from a travel site that mentioned Lokal's trip to the Osa. After reading the description, I knew this was where I wanted to be. After about 10 minutes on the ground in Costa Rica, I knew I had made the right choice. We were a small group, just 5 of us including Eytan our host and guide. We experienced the beauty of the Osa by trekking on jungle paths, stopping along the way to eat heart of palm or suck on sugar cane. We saw the scarlet macaws and toucans flying overhead. We walked along river beds to swim in the waterfalls. We panned for gold, saw how sugar and honey are made from sugar cane, snorkeled, and rode horseback along the beach. The itinerary Eytan had chosen for us was great. Was looking for something rustic and we found it. Our accommodations were functional and comfortable, not luxurious. We enjoyed meeting the local people and really appreciated how they shared their stories as well as their families with us. This trip is the antithesis of being at a large resort, and that's what made it so special. Words and pictures just can't capture all that we saw and did, but suffice it to say that this was one of the most memorable trips we've ever been on. Arnie and Carol Feltoon
December 2018

Worth It!

Well, this was a great trip! The group was small (6 travellers and 2 guides) and friendly. I was quite a bit older than the next oldest person on the trip, but it didn't matter - everyone was friendly and brought their own unique backgrounds to the table. We stayed in family-run cabins throughout and ate delicious home-cooked meals. All of the hosts were welcoming and interesting in themselves. The trip leaders, Eytan and Marcos, are bilingual and translated both presentations by locals and questions by non-Spanish-speakers. Although there is a basic trip itinerary, there is plenty of flexibility within it to allow for individual interests (including, for example, staying back at "base" and taking a nap). If you go, you may or may not see a particular rare animal, but you will definitely hear howler monkeys in the forest and see blue morpho butterflies along the road. Scarlet macaws may greet you at the Puerto Jimenez airport . . .
February 2018

A truly authentic & awesome adventure!

This awesome trip was an active jungle adventure, a relaxing beach getaway, a immersive cultural experience, a digital detox, and a vacation with friends, all miraculously rolled into one. Waking up to the sounds of howler monkeys, riding horses down the beach, hiking to watch the sunrise, the delicious home cooked meals and smiles and laughter shared with the local guides and hosts... these are memories that will stick. I went home with a renewed passion for exploration, because part of the magic of this journey is that each day we seemed to discover some new beautifully remote dot on the map. In truth though, I never would have found these places on my own. Lokal has a uniquely deep connection to the Osa. They opened the door for me to this enchanting place and then it grabbed me by the heart. When can I go back? :)
February 2018

Authentic Connections with People and Nature

My trip to the Osa was everything I hoped it would be, and more. Lokal Travel has cultivated really special relationships with the communities we visited, so our group of 8 was welcomed so warmly into quaint accommodations that felt like comfy extensions of people's homes. We got to break bread with our hosts - the most delicious, homemade meals made with fresh, organic ingredients grown locally (often right in their backyard). We learned directly from these experts everything we dreamed to know about the jungle and life in Costa Rica. Their knowledge is deeper than books can teach, and their generosity reminds you what it means to be human. If you need a reboot, this is the right experience. Enjoy!
February 2018

An adventure to remember

Some trips are simply getaways where you visit a location but don't truly get know the place or even your fellow travelers. This is not that trip. Over the 8 days Lokal created an experience that was a pass to not only observe but experience the resilience and generosity of the community of the Osa first hand. Everyday I appreciated a new aspect of my surroundings through the knowledge of our hosts, tour guides and the Lokal founders, through food prepared by hosts as if we were their family member and through my traveling family as we made our way around the peninsula sharing stories, conquering hikes, riding horses, swimming in watering holes and taking in sunrises and sunsets. I am so grateful Lokal introduced me to the Osa this way. And would do it again in a heartbeat.
February 2018

An Authentic & Magical Adventure

The Osa is a very magical place, and unfortunately one that was never on my travel list until I came across Lokal Travel. The tropical oasis is fuelled by the community as they work endlessly to take care of the biodiversity of the region, while providing exceptional hospitality to all those who adventure through the destination. I have never had such an incredibly culturally immerse experience as I did while in the Osa. From hiking through Corcovado to dining with new friends, indulging in homemade foods, to snorkelling next to schools of fish and stingrays, I wouldn't have imagined a more perfect and memorable experience in the jungle. I will forever remember the faces of each inspiring individual I met along my travels, and cannot wait to visit them again in the future. I came for the wildlife and culture and returned home with so much more. I'm still reflecting on the incredible experience.
February 2018

One of my favorite travel experiences

I'd been to the Osa once before on my own, and even though I loved my time there, my experiences paled in comparison to my trip with Lokal. If you're looking for off-the-beaten-path, local gems that support the community you're visiting, book this tour now. You won't regret it.
September 2016

I miss how connected and alive I felt there. What a magical place! The trip was truly beyond expectations and incredible.

Nicole Melancon, January 2017

I was excited to come, but I never could have imagined the power of the experiences I've had over the past few days.

Dave Krugman, September 2016

So mesmerized and grateful to be exploring the most biologically diverse place on earth thanks to Lokal...

Inna Shnayder, September 2016

We were in awe that we had some of thes places entirely to ourselves!

Ansley Rubinstein, December 2015

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Lokal's co-founders lead a few small group adventures each year for travelers interested in truly immersive experiences. We'll personally introduce you to local communities and take you to some of our favorite places that we don't advertise elsewhere on our site! These trips are perfect for travelers who want to get way off-the-beaten-path without having to do a lot of research or planning. Everything will be ready for you - just show up ready to explore and make a few new friends. We'll do the rest.

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Getting There

You'll fly into the Puerto Jimenez airport and we'll pick you up in our private vehicle to start the adventure. Our group will travel together to each destination after that, so you'll have nothing to worry about after getting in!
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