Experience Ngöbe Indigenous Culture

Alto Laguna, Costa Rica

Experience Ngöbe Indigenous Culture

Exploring the Heart of Ngöbe Culture in Gran Chiriquí

Embark on a unique journey to the Alta Laguna de Osa Indigenous Territory in Gran Chiriquí, where the rich heritage of the Ngöbe people comes to life. This immersive experience offers a rare glimpse into the traditional ways of a community whose roots stretch back to 1,000 BC.

Discover the essence of Ngöbe culture through their intimate connection with nature. Learn about indigenous natural medicine, a testament to their profound understanding of local flora. Delve into traditional agriculture methods that have sustained the Ngöbe for centuries.

Engage with the locals in meaningful conversations, unraveling stories of their history and culture. This community-run project, active for over a decade, not only preserves the Ngöbe heritage but also supports crucial educational initiatives, including English instruction for local children.

Your visit isn't just a tour; it's a meaningful interaction that supports the Ngöbe community's aspirations and educational endeavors. Join us in a respectful and enlightening cultural exchange that contributes to the sustainability and growth of this vibrant community.

Right for You?


2-3 Hours

Travel Style

Cultural Immersion and Family Friendly

Physical Activity

Light activity


Small Towns/Villages


Wifi: None
Cell: Limited



Flexible Departure Date
All year

What's Included



Local guide (not bilingual)

Your Local Host

Osa Rural Tours

Osa Rural Tours

Locally Owned Cooperative

Introduction: Osa Rural Tours, established in 2014 in Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula, offers unique, community-run adventures highlighting local culture and natural beauty. Experiences & Activities: Experience dolphin watching, mangrove explorations, cooking class

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