Rancho Verde Bed and Breakfast

Rancho Quemado, Costa Rica

Rancho Verde Bed and Breakfast

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A small family-run lodge with several small cabins and private rooms in a pleasant garden setting. You'll be welcomed with open arms by the Ureña family who will be happy to prepare you delicious home-cooked meals and connect you to many of the local activities in their community of Rancho Quemado.

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Speaks: Spanish



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All year

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Private Room, Private Bathroom and Shared Bathroom


Other meals are available on request. Alice is a great chef and can also lead a cooking class if you'd like!

Your Local Host

Rancho Quemado Development Association

Rancho Quemado Development Association

Locally Owned Community Association

__Welcome to the Heart of the Osa Peninsula: Discover Rancho Quemado__ Embark on an extraordinary journey to Rancho Quemado, a vibrant village nestled in the lush Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica. This community-driven rural tourism haven offers a unique blend of natural beauty, rich culture, and sustainable living. __Why Choose Rancho Quemado?__ - __Community Empowerment__: Experience the transformation of a traditional agricultural community into a dynamic tourism hub, where residents have skillfully transitioned to eco-friendly activities, safeguarding their cultural heritage and natural environment. - __Diverse Activities__: Dive into an array of adventures – from hiking community-run trails, participating in soccer and volleyball games, to exploring artisanal gold mining and sugar cane mills. - __Conservation Success__: Witness a remarkable shift from extraction to conservation, where former gold miners and hunters now champion sustainable tourism, preserving the breathtaking Golfo Dulce Forest Reserve. __A Legacy of Sustainable Development__ Rancho Quemado's journey began in response to environmental challenges and economic hardships. The Development Association, with support from the University of Costa Rica and international foundations, transformed the community through sustainable tourism initiatives. This visionary approach has not only revived the local economy but also nurtured a generation of women entrepreneurs and strengthened community bonds. __Connect with Nature and Culture__ As Lokal Travel's recommended destination, Rancho Quemado invites you to immerse yourself in an authentic Costa Rican experience, where every activity you engage in contributes to the community's sustainable development goals. Discover more about our unique story, engage with our vibrant community, and be a part of this inspiring journey towards a harmonious coexistence with nature. Scroll down to explore the wonders of Rancho Quemado!

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Cancellation Policy: If cancelled 72+ hours in advance full refund minus the deposit. If cancelled less than 72 hours in advance no refund.
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