Sian Ka'an Community Tours

Sian Ka'an Community Tours

in Tulum, Mexico

Started by a cooperative of locals passionate about sharing their culture and preserving Mayan heritage, Community Tours Sian Ka'an offers unique ways to experience the nature and history of the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve. You can explore the Muyil ruins, learn about Mayan history and traditions, float in ancient canals, see manatees swimming in crystal clear waters and more.
All tours are personal experiences - small groups led by a local guide with Mayan heritage. Every experience provides a great adventure while educating about the challenges of conservation.

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Connect with Nature, Family Friendly and Active Adventure


$115-149 /person
Approximate price. Rates vary based on tour you choose.


Beach and Small Towns/Villages

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Sian Ka'an Community Tours
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Tour Operator | Locally Owned with 100% local staff

A Unique Story

Community Tours Sian Ka'an was started by a local cooperative and supported by the international nonprofit,, which offered technical advice to local businesses. They are dedicated to sustainable travel and each of their tours are based on 3 principles: support local economic impact, promise to conserve nature and, lastly, promote community development.

Community Connection

Community Tours Sian Ka'an generates jobs for people that live in communities that are dedicated to communities such as Punta Allen, Muyil and Chumpon. The local people in these communities are as dedicated to these municipalities as they are to the surrounding areas of Sian Ka'an.

Environmental Engagement

Community Tours Sian Ka'an supports programs to educate local communities on the importance of conservation and other projects to preserver the Qintana Roo Biosphere Reserve.


Tours take place in the biosphere reserve, though pick ups are available in Tulum and surrounding areas. Request a booking to arrange a tour or stop in the Tulum office.
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