Katerre Expeditions

Katerre Expeditions

in Novo Airao, Brazil

Katerre operates low-impact Amazon river cruises that give you deeper connections to local communities. Their expeditions let you experience the rainforest in a genuine and spontaneous way that only cruising allows. And their strong commitment to wildlife conservation and preservation of cultural heritage means your voyage will leave a positive impact on the incredible places you visit.

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Active Adventure, Cultural Immersion, Connect with Nature and Off the Beaten Path


$1469-3891 /person


Rainforest, River, Small Towns/Villages and Rural Communities

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Katerre Expeditions
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A Unique Story

The company was co-founded by a visionary who believes in the power of meaningful and authentic experiences and travel as a force for good. Ruy Tone, an engineer from Sao Paulo, went backpacking in Asia in the late 1990s. Deeply touched by his experience, upon his return to São Paulo, he founded Mundus, an experiential travel agency.

A few years later he decided to invest more in his home country, focusing his efforts on the Brazilian Amazon. Along with a partner, they enlisted and funded two local guides and experienced sailors (his current partners) and started offering low-impact and highly immersive cruises on the Rio Negro. They currently offer 4-10 day itineraries and have since built the eco-friendly lodge to complement the experience and increase the number of local jobs.

Deep Community Connections

As part of their commitment to giving back to the local communities, they currently support the following projects:

Fundação Almerinda Malaquías - a foundation that trains local women and youth on woodworking, marquetry and handicraft, as well as on environmental education and sustainable use of local resources. The foundation currently supports 123 kids and 30 artisans.

Vivamazonia - a constructivist school up the Rio Negro that caters to students ages 6-15. Funds help with infrastructure (kitchen and bathroom), renovations, as well as food and transportation for the kids whenever needed.

Active Environmental Stewardship

In order to decrease the impact they have on the environment, all the adventures you join with Katerre Expeditions will be in small groups in boats with low fossil fuel emission, low noise levels, and organic trash disposal. Among other, they also support this project:

Quelônios - a turtle conservation project on the Jauaperi river. Through the Jauaperi River Artisans Association they fund the protection of six beaches in four different communities. As a result, they hope to release 3000 turtles at the end of the current cycle.




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