MATER Sustainable Travel

MATER Sustainable Travel

Discover the heart of Argentina and Latin America with MATER, a pioneer in crafting sustainable and responsible travel experiences. Dive deep into the rich tapestry of local cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and captivating histories, while also contributing to the preservation of these treasured realms and uplifting the communities that inhabit them.

Why Travel with MATER?

  1. Genuine Connections: MATER's philosophy revolves around mutual respect and genuine relationships. Travel with MATER and you're not just an observer, you become an integral part of the narrative, experiencing the true essence of the destinations.

  2. Tailored Adventures: Whether you're drawn to cultural explorations, gastronomic delights, thrilling adventures, or serene nature escapes, MATER crafts personalized itineraries that resonate with your travel pulse, taking you to both iconic landmarks and hidden gems.

  3. Empower Local Communities: MATER's collaboration with local communities ensures that your journey not only enriches your soul but also brings direct economic benefits to the hosts. By choosing MATER, you're contributing to a more inclusive and sustainable tourism model.

  4. Sustainability at Core: With a deep commitment to the environment, MATER's trips are designed with minimal footprints in mind. This dedication has led them to earn accolades and recognition within the travel community, marking them as a leader in responsible tourism.

  5. Educational Insights: Beyond just sightseeing, MATER instills a sense of learning. Return from your journey with not just memories, but a deeper understanding and appreciation of the places you've visited.

Embark on a Journey with a Difference

With MATER, you're choosing more than just a travel company. You're choosing a journey that cherishes the beauty of the world, celebrates its diverse inhabitants, and leaves it a little better than we found it. Let MATER be your compass to the untouched corners of Argentina and Latin America. Join us in crafting travel stories that matter.

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Active Adventure, Comfortable Stay, Connect with Nature, Cultural Immersion, Family Friendly, Foodie Fun, Historical Sites, Luxury Accommodation, Off the Beaten Path and Time to Relax




City/Urban, Forest, Mountains, National Park, River, Rural Communities, Small Towns/Villages, Vineyards and Wildlife Reserve

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Locally Owned Social Enterprise
MATER Sustainable Travel
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Social Enterprise started in 2013| Locally Owned with 100% local staff

Deep Community Connections

We hire certified local guides who are experts in their territory. We include visits to rural and indigenous communities that are outside the traditional tourist circuits. Our support is of vital importance tothe residents. Not only do we contract their services, but we also promote authentic cultural exchanges, fair trade and local empowerment. We recommend to our allies that their travelers visit some social initiatives, such as family and organic agriculture cooperatives and NGOs. We collaborate and accompany rural and indigenous communities through press, communication and marketing actions and in training workshops.

Active Environmental Stewardship

In our visits to nature reserves, we highlight caring for the environment and the importance of preserving biodiversity. We support the actions carried out by Vida Silvestre Argentina (a member of the WFF) and support its reforestation project. We acquire green bonds monthly, which allow us to offset the CO2 footprint generated by our trips, a fundamental contribution towards sustainable tourism. The Foundation works intensively on forestation issues in our country and at MATER Sustentable we are proud to accompany it since 2014. Each agency that hires an experience with MATER Sustentable experience receives a travel document holder for their travelers made of recycled leather by Vacavaliente, a certified B company that buys its raw materials from tanneries and transforms them into design products through reuse techniques, avoiding waste. We take care of reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible, offering travelers multiple options to compensate for it.

Exceptional Quality and Authenticity (Culture)

It is important to highlight that in rural and indigenous communities; tourism, in addition to the genuine income generated to each of the familieshas other positive impacts such as: the preservation of their cultural and natural heritage, the revaluation of their customs and identity and the job opportunity that is offered to the youngest, who stop migrating from the countryside to the city and stay in their homelands with a promising future thanks to tourism.


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