Rainforest Expeditions

Rainforest Expeditions

in Puerto Maldonado, Peru

Explore the Tambopata National Reserve and help conserve this spectacular area by staying at one of Rainforest Expeditions unique Amazon Lodges. Since 1989 this Peruvian ecotourism company's guests and lodges have helped preserve standing tropical rainforest and engaged local communities in its protection and care. Choose from one of their lodges and many adventures to experience the beautiful wildlife and culture of the Amazon rainforest.

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Tour Operator started in 1989| Locally Owned with 100% local staff

A Unique Story

Eduardo Nycander founded Rainforest Expeditions after joining an expedition organized by the Wildlife Conservation Society to the little known Colorado clay lick in the Tambopata River. As a wildlife photographer, he was awed by the massive clay lick and the incredible number and varieties of parrots that visited it. Concerned with their protection, he identified a sizable patch of pristine forest near the clay lick, to build a research center, protecting it from the threats of illegal hunting of macaws. This also included an application for a 10,000 hectare forestry concession, to legally protect as large an area as possible. In 1990 the Tambopata Research Center was completed and Tambopata Nature Tours followed soon after. The company has grown from there to include 3 additional lodges and many adventures.

Deep Community Connections

The Posadas Amazonas Lodge is actually owned by the native Infierno community! Rainforest Expeditions has worked with the community since 1995 and they support the marketing and management of the lodge. Each year profits are shared among the households of the community, providing 25% increase to annual incomes, and around 20 full time jobs at the lodge.

Active Environmental Stewardship

The lodge has been running Macaw research projects since it's inception and continues to support conservation of the species. They've also gone to great lengths to reduce their carbon footprint in all of their lodges - using locally sourced materials, installing energy and water efficient systems and much more. However, generating some carbon emissions is inevitable, so what they can’t reduce, they offset. Their three lodges are the first carbon neutral lodges in the Tambopata National Reserve.


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The Rainforest Expeditions office is located in town and their lodges are located throughout the Tambopata Reserve.
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