Rancho Margot

Rancho Margot

in El Castillo, Costa Rica

Certified carbon-neutral, with a negative footprint, Rancho Margot has been a leader in sustainable ecotoursim for nearly 15 years. Rancho Margot currently protects over 400 acres of land while promoting through example environmentally sustainable practices, enhancing educational and economic opportunity for the nearby village of El Castillo, and sharing the beauty of Costa Rican wilderness with travelers from across the globe.

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$80-160 /night
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Rainforest and Quiet Area

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Local/Foreign Owned Business
Rancho Margot
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Speaks: Spanish and English

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Business started in 2004| Local/Foreign Owned

A Unique Story

After witnessing the rapid effects of global industrialization and environmental deterioration, founder Juan Sostheim decided to focus his life and business experiences into developing healthful food source and space for his family and friends. He purchased the 400 acres of land that has since become Rancho Margot. More than a beautiful eco-lodge, the business is commited to educating and fairly employing its neighbors, including the nearby village of El Castillo. By providing educational, technical and economic opportunities, Rancho Margot is dedicated to the well being of its local community working to grow together toward a sustainable future.

Community Connection

  • Recruits and hosts professional and volunteer instructors for weekly English classes and remedial learning support at El Castillo elementary, middle and high schools
  • Inspiring, talented musician/educators to offer space and instruction in the cultural arts to encourage and guide interested students
  • Coach (with Ranch staff and qualified volunteers) the local children in soccer skills and team play on the Ranch's well-maintained soccer field, providing solid skills and leadership coaching, organized team play opportunities, community engagement and healthy lunches at the Ranch

Environmental Engagement

  • Has earned top accrediation from the government of Costa Rica "5 Leaves" CST (Certification for Sustainable Tourism)
  • Rancho Margot is committed to food production that is beyond organic. 100% of all dairy and meats consumed on the Ranch are produced on-site without the use of chemicals. As to fruits and vegetables, the Ranch also produces the lion’s share of these crops as well, chemical-free, and sources anything additional products from local, known sources.
  • Generates 100% of all electricity onsite through hydroelectric generation along with a growing percentage of solar power
  • Complex composting system collects all food, vegetative and solid animal waste that, with the aid of Ranch harvested and fermented beneficial micro-organisms, decomposes and is then used as an organic fertilizer to eliminate the need for chemical fertilizers
  • All furniture is made on-site by local, professional carpenters working with local reclaimed or waste wood from the Ranch
  • Protects over 400 acres of Costa Rican wilderness within a critical ecological bio-corridor


  • Host community enrichment and eco-awareness and fundraising concerts offering live performance space to local artists, promoting education in the bioregion's key issues, healthy food, cultural celebration, excellent music and family play


Rancho Margot is located about 3km from the nearby village of El Castillo and roughly 35 km from the town of La Fortuna
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