Costa Rica Yoga Getaways

Embark on a rejuvenating journey in Costa Rica with yoga-centric experiences that harmonize body and nature. In the lush landscapes of Arenal, the Deluxe Bungalow Adventure at Sustainable Ranch invites you to unwind with yoga classes, eco-lodge comforts, and the breathtaking Arenal Lake and Volcano. For those seeking a profound transformation, the Cultivating Self Love - Women's Wellness Retreat offers an 8-day odyssey from Montezuma to Manzanillo, featuring meditation and healing activities. In El Castillo, the Bunkhouse Experience at Rancho Margot offers a unique eco-lodge stay, integrating yoga with sustainable living practices. Whether you desire a tranquil escape or a path to self-discovery, our in-country experts can craft a custom itinerary to suit your aspirations. Simply fill out a questionnaire to explore the myriad of possibilities beyond what's listed on our site.

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