Discover Costa Rica’s Cacao Heritage

Costa Rica, with its lush landscapes and rich agricultural traditions, offers a sweet dive into the world of cacao, a revered crop that has found its roots deeply embedded in the country's culture. With Lokal, you have the opportunity to explore the authentic journey of cacao, from the fertile soils of Costa Rican farms to the exquisite taste of locally-made chocolate. Our experiences encompass engaging visits to cacao farms where you can learn about the traditional methods of cacao farming, production processes, and the significance of this cherished crop in the local communities. While the number of ready-to-book experiences on the page is limited, each one is tailored to provide a genuine insight into the cacao culture of Costa Rica, promising not only a taste of the finest chocolates but also a rich understanding of the traditions that have nurtured the cacao heritage in this tropical paradise.

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