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When to visit

The dry season, mid-October to late April, sees very little rainfall and the majority of tourists. In Guatemala City, Lake Atitlan, Antigua, Coban, and other places in the central region of the country, average temperatures sit at a comfortable 64°F. This season is ideal for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

What you will be doing

Guatemala offers a deep dive into Mayan culture, and the ability to explore volcanoes, lakes, ancient civilizations. Activities range from kayaking, hiking, caving, homestays with local families, cooking classes, to wildlife viewing, and enjoying the streets of a small colonial town.

Travel Style

Guatemala is best enjoyed outdoors. There are accommodations that fit all travel styles, from rustic all the way to luxury. Cultural enthusiasts, as well as adventurous and off the beaten path travelers find Guatemala to have plenty to offer.

Best Ways to Get Around

Recommended ways to get around is by hiring a private driver or a shared driver. To go from one main tourist destination to another there are shared vans but if you truly want to be independent and visit Guatemala on your own terms a private driver is best. To go up to Tikal there are daily flights from Guatemala City.

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You'll work with a Lokal in-country travel expert

In order to provide a consistently local experience we make sure our Lokal trip planners are always from the country you’ll be visiting. This not only means you’ll be getting an authentic local experience but you know first hand that your money is going directly to the communities you visit. How’s that for a win/win?

Match with a Lokal Expert

Sofia and Pablo
Guatemala City
Fun facts from our experts - Sofia studied a Masters in Cultural Tourism and Heritage in Catalunya, Spain while Pablo is half Mexican and half Guatemalan and has spent half his life living and studying in Mexico and half in Guatemala.

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Eytan's Guatemala Adventure
Monday: Pickup, Checkin, Massage
Tuesday: Tour of Ancient Ruins
Wednesday: Zip-lining and Birdwatching
Thursday: Community Visit & Festival
Friday: Shopping in City Center
Friday: Picnic at Waterfall

Our Story

What if you could take the most incredible trip of your life while leaving a positive impact on the people and places you visit? This was the idea we had when exploring local communities in Costa Rica producing our documentary film. We've been working ever since to connect amazing travel experiences, local communities, and conscious travelers like you!

Watch our award-winning documentary film that inspired our company Lokal. The tropical rainforest of Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula contains 2.5% of the world’s biodiversity on less than one millionth of the planet’s surface. Its incredible natural beauty has caught the eye of the tourism industry and the planned construction of an international airport threatens to transform the region forever.

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