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The Best of Peru

Peru at its Purest - Nature, Wildlife, Culture
Peru at its Purest - Nature, Wildlife, Culture

Join us on this fascinating adventure towards amazing destinations, Nor Yauyos-Cochas Landscape Reserve, Imperial city of Cusco, and the Amazon Jungle, where you will get to admire beautiful sceneries with mountains, flora, fauna, as well as h...

Discover Pure Nature & Wildlife in Peru
Discover Pure Nature & Wildlife in Peru

Join us on this fascinating adventure towards amazing destinations, Chaparri Reserve in northern Peru, Imperial city of Cusco, and Machu Picchu, where you will get to admire beautiful sceneries with mountains, flora, fauna, as well as have big cha...

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Peru is undoubtedly one of the most diverse countries on Earth. From its northern beaches to archaeological pearls, and a blessed megadiversity in pristine areas of our Amazon Jungle, Peru is teeming with exciting places to visit and things to do. The authenticity of its local communities with cultural values, its rich history, and a delightftul gastronomy only add to the alure. Once visitors are here, they really feel at home. Tour guides are not guides anymore, but local friends that show you around the best of the country. Here you have a chance to disconnect from everything and venture into an experience of a lifetime that will get you to the most iconic and less explored areas that Peru has to offer.

When to visit

Climate in Peru can generally be divided in three different zones: the coastal desert that borders the Pacific Ocean to the West, the Amazonia or rainforest to the east and the Andes in between the coast and the rainforest. There are many microclimates within each region. Generally speaking the coast from Tacna to Piura has a warm temperate climate, with high humidity and thick mist in Winter. In Summer there is very little mist and the temperature reaches 86°F. From Piura to Tumbes it is warm and very dry, with heavy rain between December and April, with an average temperature of 75°F. The highlands have two seasons: Summer is April- Oct., when the days are sunny, the nights cold and there is little rain. This is the ideal time to visit. Winter is Nov.-March, when rain is frequent and heavy. During the day the temperature can reach 75°F and at night fall to 27°F. The jungle, like the highlands, has two well-defined seasons. The rainy season Nov-March, with abundant rainfall, and the relatively dry season is April-Oct., which is the ideal time to visit. Humidity is very high throughout the year.

What you will be doing

Peru is extremely diverse, activities range from trekking in the Andes, to visiting ancient Inca ruins, to rainforest expeditions and immersive community adventures. The list is endless, often considered one of South America's best cuisines you can eat all kinds of delicious food and take cooking classes if you'd like. Spend time on the coast, or countless lakes. Get to know the people and amazing places of Peru

Travel Style

Peru is a cultural enthusiast and outdoor explorer's dream. Enjoy Lima's gastronomy and city life, visit well known adventure and culture destinations like Cusco, the Sacred Valley, and Lake Titicaca. Or venture out to lesser explores areas like the Chachapoyas or stay in a remote lodge deep in the rainforest. In Peru you can stay in local communities, with families, or luxury hotels, the choice is yours. The adventure awaits!

Best Ways to Get Around

Given Peru's diverse geography, getting aorund Peru can be a bit tricky. Buses are always available, but if you are short on time we recommend other options. On the coast near Lima or South of Peru is where you'll find the best train infrastructure. Trains to visit see Altiplano run from Cusco to Puno, and there is also a train to visit Huancayo. Flying is the easiest way to get around, and there are many domestic flight options to choose from. In the Amazon you will be travelling by boat, either departing from Puerto Maldonado or Iquitos. As always, renting a car is an option, as is hiring a local driver to shuttle you around.

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The best part of our journey

5 star review
Thank you so very much for this wonderful experience. Our guide Omar is able to balance between being there when we need him and leave us alone when we needed that. He has very good knowledge about the nature and the organization, and a very good english. We felt most welcome at Julias nice farm. Our room was large and clean. The food was delicious. All fresh from the farm. We learned a lot about cacao and coffee, and we had a trip we will always remember.

You must go!

5 star review
I had an unforgettable time at Refugio Amazonas! We were very fortunate to see so many different kinds of wildlife, including a jaguar on the river bank! Very knowledgeable guides, and it remains my favourite place that I've visited yet. Boat rides up the river, nature walks, great food, and lots to see and learn about!

Sacred Valley, Cacao/Coffee Farm, and Machu Picchu Tour

5 star review
David planned the perfect trip to Cusco for us! From trekking through the jungles exploring the Cacao plantation to riding the train to the magnificent city of Machu Picchu, our guides brought us amazing insight and unforgettable memories. All of our meals and accommodations were fantastic and I can't recommend this tour enough. For those that want to pack in a lot into a short amount of time, this is the way to go. Thank you David for an unforgettable trip to Peru!

You'll work with a Lokal in-country travel expert

In order to provide a consistently local experience we make sure our Lokal trip planners are always from the country you’ll be visiting. This not only means you’ll be getting an authentic local experience but you know first hand that your money is going directly to the communities you visit. How’s that for a win/win? Rather than endless searching for "best places to stay in peru," "adventures in peru," "must see peru," why not just ask an expert who lives there and knows all about amazing experiences perfect for your specific travel style?

Match with a Lokal Expert

Anne Godoy
Anne Godoy
Lima, Peru
I love dancing, and am currently taking Peruvian folk dance classes. Also, I try to go to Cusco at least once a year for a month or so (my favorite city ever) and I have visited 19 out of the 24 regions there are in Peru (I'll keep you updated!) I live in Lima, and also I was born there as well. I am a proud Limeña, that fell in love with Cusco lol. I got the chance to study Tourism Management at University, and during my career, I learned the importance of sustainability towards tourism, especially in a country like ours, where there is so much to do. When I finished university I had a desire to contribute to sustainable tourism, and luckily I found a company that has this as its core value. I have kept that motivation going and growing because I truly love my country and care for the world. Tourism can do so many good things if it's promoted and operated properly. It can diversify the economy, empower rural women, and create conservation opportunities either for culture or nature and in some cases both... Then, I hope to keep on the right track and continue working with local businesses, communities, and natural protected areas! Including my years studying tourism, I have been in the tourism field for almost 10 years.

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Eytan's Peru Adventure
Monday: Pickup, Checkin, Massage
Tuesday: Tour of Ancient Ruins
Wednesday: Zip-lining and Birdwatching
Thursday: Community Visit & Festival
Friday: Shopping in City Center
Friday: Picnic at Waterfall

Day Trips or Short Overnight Experiences

Overnight Coffee or Cacao Tour in the Jungle of Cusco
2 Days/1 Night
Overnight Coffee or Cacao Tour in the Jungle of Cusco

If you would like to share a unique experience with a local family during your stay in Peru, and love coffee and/or chocolate, then look no further than this tour! You'll visit families in the jungle of Cusco that are members of a local cooperative to learn about the arduous work that goes into coffee or cacao production.

Sacred Valley, Cacao/Coffee Farm, and Machu Picchu Tour
3 Days/2 Nights
Sacred Valley, Cacao/Coffee Farm, and Machu Picchu Tour

Enjoy the Sacred Valley of the Incas, and discover the magnificent Incan constructions at Pisac and Ollantaytambo. Then visit a local coffee farm and family who will teach you about local agriculture, principally coffee production.

Refugios Amazonas Eco Lodge: Nature Adventure in Tambopata Reserve
4 Days/3 Nights
Refugios Amazonas Eco Lodge: Nature Adventure in Tambopata Reserve

Located in a 200-hectare private reserve within the buffer zone of the Tambopata National Reserve, Refugio Amazonas is a beautiful 32-bedroom lodge that gives you an immersive rainforest experience. It's a perfect escape for adventurers, nature lovers and families.

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What if you could take the most incredible trip of your life while leaving a positive impact on the people and places you visit? This was the idea we had when exploring local communities in Costa Rica producing our documentary film. We've been working ever since to connect amazing travel experiences, local communities, and conscious travelers like you!

Watch our award-winning documentary film that inspired our company Lokal. The tropical rainforest of Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula contains 2.5% of the world’s biodiversity on less than one millionth of the planet’s surface. Its incredible natural beauty has caught the eye of the tourism industry and the planned construction of an international airport threatens to transform the region forever.

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