Xochimilco Floating Gardens, Canals and Local Food

Mexico City, Mexico

Xochimilco Floating Gardens, Canals and Local Food

Explore the famous canals of Xochimilco with a local guide who will take you to hidden corners of the region that are not visited by other travelers. While many boats in Xochimilco are used for parties, this tour offers a unique experience focused on knowledge, great food, and fun. On this special tour, you'll float along the waterways on a traditional Trajinera boat, visiting ancient floating gardens known as Chinampas.

Your local guide is part of a nonprofit called De la Chinampa a Tu Mesa, and your tour will support their efforts to benefit local farmers and preserve the ecological zone of Xochimilco. You'll get to meet some of the farmers who work these lands, and enjoy a delicious meal made with locally grown ingredients.

As you journey through the peaceful landscape, you'll have the chance to spot migratory birds and other wildlife. This is a truly special opportunity to experience the beauty of Xochimilco and support the local community at the same time. Book your tour now and discover the hidden gems of Xochimilco with a local guide!

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Half Day

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Foodie Fun, Connect with Nature and Time to Relax


Spanish and English
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Light activity


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One of the 'Chinampas' (floating islands) in the preserve
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Speaks: Spanish and English



Flexible start time. Recommended to begin at 11am or 2pm, but other times can be arranged on request.


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All year


Private Tour, 1-20 Travelers


What's Included


Bilingual guide


Food included: * Quesadillas with different ingredients and cheese * Fresh salad with freshly harvested produce from the chinampas * Cheeses from free grazing cows that graze in the chinampas * Guacamole with avocados from the local producers of Cuajimalpa * Totopos chips * Fresh tamarind water with chia * Fresh Coffee



Traveler Reviews


Authentic and Amazing

Ricardo at de la Chinampa (Xochimilco) gave us an up-close, personal introduction to the small, man-made islands that once fed the pre-Hispanic city of Tenochtitlan (Mexico City). For those who have attended the tourist boat trips at Xochimilco, this was entirely different. We had a long excursion on a trajinera (flat-bottomed, pole driven boat), served with delicious food grown on Ricardo's farm, and a visit to that land. It was peaceful, educational and spectacular.
April 2023

Lame Af

This was not at all what we had expected. We thought we’d have a tour of the Xochimilco gardens and canals . They took us to 1 garden, theirs. Kinda cool, but more lame. The food was bland. A plate of cut carrots and cucumbers. Guac was mostly red onions and tamales that were eh at best. The best part was Pilar. She was great and tried to make the best of it. Look for other tours that are more entertaining. We went for a very expensive $660 ride. The gondola rides in Venice are cheaper
February 2023

Incredible experience to learn the history of the Chinampas and eat local food

We were looking for a non-party boat Xochimilco experience and this was beyond our expectations. After getting on the boat we were presented with a spread of Chinampa grown and prepared food. The guacamole was the best I have ever had and was served with local blue corn chips. The tamales and salad spread were also excellent. I drank a lemon water with chia seed mixture while my gf enjoyed a traditional mexican coffee with heavy cinnamon notes. While the traditional trajinera was guided through the canals we were told about the history and people of the area and asked so many questions. We stopped off at a small chinampa and smelled/tasted our way through the fields. The carrots and tomatoes were amazing, the herbs were so fragrant, and the plants that they let go to seed (to use for planting) were covered in butterflies. I enjoyed learning about and seeing their traditional (no irrigation!) farming methods. If you are looking for a tour that is connected with the local industry and history, this is the one!
November 2022

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Your Local Host

De la Chinampa

De la Chinampa

Locally Owned Community Project

De la Chinampa a tu Mesa is a non-profit organization that supports ecological preservation and sustainable agriculture in the chinampas of Xochimilco, the famous floating gardens of Mexico City. Led by owner Ricardo Rodriguez, the organization offers tours of the beautiful canals, providing visitors with delicious food from local farms, the opportunity to visit the chinampas, and a wealth of knowledge about the history of the area. As a non-profit, De la Chinampa a tu Mesa is dedicated to promoting sustainable agriculture and preserving the unique ecosystem of the chinampas. These floating gardens, which have been cultivated for over 1,000 years, are a crucial part of Mexico City's cultural heritage and are home to a diverse array of plants and animals. By supporting De la Chinampa a tu Mesa, you can help protect this beautiful and important area. During a tour with De la Chinampa a tu Mesa, you'll have the chance to explore the canals of Xochimilco and learn about the history and significance of the chinampas. You'll also enjoy delicious food from local farms and have the opportunity to see the chinampas up close. With the expert guidance of Ricardo Rodriguez, you'll gain a deep understanding of this fascinating area and its importance to Mexico City. Don't miss out on the chance to support ecological preservation and sustainable agriculture in the chinampas of Xochimilco. Book a tour with De la Chinampa a tu Mesa today!

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Taxi and Local transport
This experience begins at the Embarcadero Cuemanco just outside of Mexico City. It's very accessible via public transit, taxi, or Uber.
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