Colombia's Hiking & Culture

Embark on a journey through Colombia's diverse landscapes and rich cultural tapestry with our selection of hiking and cultural experiences. In Leticia, delve into the heart of the Amazon with World Above - World Below as you hike through the high forest, canoe under the stars, and engage with local communities. Or, choose Biodiversity and Communities: The Colombian Amazon to immerse yourself in the rainforest's natural splendor and indigenous cultures. For coffee enthusiasts, Explore Colombian Coffee and Nature offers a 15-day journey from Bogotá to Tayrona National Park, blending hikes with the country's revered coffee traditions. In the spirit of adventure, Explore Leticia and Colombian Amazon invites you to stay in a unique tree house and witness the Amazon's wildlife up close. For those drawn to urban and rural contrasts, Trekking in Colombia presents an epic trek from metropolitan cities to indigenous villages. Lastly, the Colombian Amazon: Jungle, Landscapes and Local Communities experience combines river adventures with cultural discovery in Leticia, Tacana, and Puerto Nariño. Venture through Colombia's hiking trails and engage in cultural activities for a truly unforgettable expedition.

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