Colombia Wildlife & Culture

Embark on an unforgettable journey through Colombia's rich natural landscapes and vibrant cultures. Discover the Colombian Amazon with experiences like the World Above - World Below tour in Leticia, where night-time canoeing, high forest hikes, and community connections await. Or delve into the heart of biodiversity with the Biodiversity and Communities trip, staying at locally run lodges and learning from indigenous cultures. Coffee aficionados can savor the Colombian Coffee and Nature tour, a 15-day odyssey from Bogotá to Tayrona National Park, combining coffee farm visits with hikes to historical sites. For those seeking a treehouse stay and encounters with wildlife, the Explore Leticia and Colombian Amazon experience is a dream. And for the adventurous soul, Trekking in Colombia from Bogotá to indigenous villages offers an epic journey, with trekking paths leading to historical sites and boutique hotel stays. Lastly, the Colombian Amazon: Jungle, Landscapes and Local Communities trip weaves through the jungle to reveal the Amazon's river life, cultural activities, and heartwarming community visits. These curated adventures are your gateway to Colombia's enchanting wilderness and heritage.

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