Colombian Cultural and Community Tours

Discover the heart and soul of Colombia through community visits and cultural experiences. Dive into the Colombian Amazon with the "Biodiversity and Communities" tour, where you can stay at locally run lodges and engage with indigenous cultures. For those seeking a blend of city life and indigenous heritage, the "Trekking in Colombia" adventure based in Bogota offers an epic journey through diverse landscapes. Connect with nature and local communities in the Amazon with "World Above - World Below" and "Explore Leticia and Colombian Amazon", each offering unique encounters like night-time canoeing and wildlife viewing. Venture into the heart of the Amazon with the "Colombian Amazon: Jungle, Landscapes and Local Communities" experience, or immerse yourself in the Wayuu culture along the Caribbean coast with the "Wayuu Caribbean Experience" in Cartagena. Each of these tours promises an unforgettable blend of natural beauty and cultural richness.

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