Colombia Custom Trips Adventure

Embark on a journey through Colombia's rich tapestry of experiences, from the historic streets of Bogota to the lush Amazon rainforest. Dive into the country's heritage with the Classic Colombia: From Bogota to Cartagena tour, encompassing centuries-old castles and traditional coffee farms. Venture into the depths of the Amazon with Biodiversity and Communities: The Colombian Amazon, staying at locally run lodges and engaging with indigenous communities. For the adventurous soul, Trekking in Colombia offers an epic journey that traverses metropolitan cities and indigenous villages. Discover the night-time wonders and cultural connections in World Above - World Below in Colombian Amazon, or immerse yourself in the natural beauty and local interactions of Explore Leticia and Colombian Amazon. Connect with the vibrant local communities and explore diverse landscapes with Colombian Amazon: Jungle, Landscapes and Local Communities, or experience the unique Wayuu culture along the Caribbean coast with Wayuu Caribbean Experience. Coffee enthusiasts and nature lovers alike will cherish the Explore Colombian Coffee and Nature tour, a 15-day expedition from Bogotá to Tayrona National Park. Whether you're seeking cultural activities, community visits, or time in nature, these custom trips are curated to offer an unforgettable Colombian adventure.

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