Peru's Waterfalls & Inca Ruins

Embark on a journey through Peru's breathtaking landscapes, from the lush Amazon jungle to the enigmatic ruins of the Inca. In Lima, Paracas, Huancaya, Cusco, and Puerto Maldonado, seekers of adventure can explore nature and wildlife, immersing themselves in a tapestry of cultural activities and hiking through majestic sceneries. For a more immersive experience, the Incan Caves and Sacred Ruins of Urco Tour in Calca offers a unique opportunity to delve into caving, discover archaeological sites, and connect with local communities. Alternatively, the Arin Waterfalls, Urco Ruins Andean Zipline Tour combines the thrill of ziplining with the serenity of waterfalls and the mystery of ancient ruins. Our in-country experts are ready to tailor a custom itinerary just for you; simply fill out a questionnaire to begin your personalized adventure in Peru.

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