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Cocla Tours

in Quillabamba, Peru

Interested in Peruvian culture, getting to know local families, learning about coffee production? Come on an adventure with Cocla Tours as they provide some of the best tours in the South of Peru!

Cocla Tours is a cooperative of local farmers. They offer cultural and adventure tours in and around Cusco, mainly with coffee producers but also some cacao and tea producers. All the experiences are close to or on the way to Machu Picchu. They are unique because they promote community tourism in the region by directly involving the producers. They help families manage their private rooms to receive tourists and give them training. Many families are now benefiting from these activities in the area.

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Community Cooperative started in 2008| Locally Owned with 100% local staff

Community Connection

Cocla Tours helps the families who are members of the cooperative organizations get involved in tourism activities. They provide them with education, financing to build private rooms and to provide hot water. By promoting the tours and connecting tourists with the locals, the latter can significantly improve their living condition through the tourist business.

In other words, the benefit goes to the families that are part of Cocla's offer. They have private rooms and offer a tour. Because it is a cooperative the income made from the tourism activities is going back to the members. The board members decide if the money is either invested back in the organization, returned to the members or used for a project benefitting all farmers. Most of the time, the money goes towards community projects.

Environmental Engagement

With Cocla Tours, travelers not only learn about the processes of coffee, cacao, and tea production but how these families are benefitting the environment. Most of these farms have organic certifications, which most of the families receive through their cooperative organization. During the tours, the families explain the importance of organic and fair trade in helping them get a better price for their product, allowing them to better support themselves and their family members.


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