Explore Mayan Ruins in Guatemala

Embark on a journey through Guatemala's rich tapestry of culture and history with our custom trips to awe-inspiring archaeological sites. Discover the ancient Maya civilization at Tikal, or delve into the cloud forests and the Maya underworld with the From the Highlands to the Mayan Underworld experience. Traverse from the colonial streets of Antigua to the vibrant Caribbean, tasting Garífuna flavors and exploring Mayan temples on the Epic Guatemala Adventure: Antigua to the Caribbean. For those seeking a blend of adventure and cultural enrichment, the Ancient Maya Temples, Caves, Cloud Forest, and Garifuna Culture trip offers an 11-day customized itinerary. Engage in cultural activities and learn about the Mayan way of life while visiting Lake Atitlán and other stunning destinations. For a comprehensive experience, the Essential Petén trip combines trekking, camping, and exploring archaeological wonders. Our in-country experts are ready to tailor your itinerary to your interests; simply fill out a questionnaire to start planning your unforgettable Guatemalan adventure.

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